Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Summer!

Hello 4th Grade Students!!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer break! I know I am! We've already been swimming, playing at the park, lounging in the back yard, jumping, bouncing and just relaxing! Summer is always one of my favorite times of the year. I can't wait to hear about your summer activities! I have some fun Summer Activities you can complete to help me get to know you better this summer, and completing them will help get you ready for our classroom! First let me show you some things I've done so far this summer!

  This is my son Kannon! He just turned 3! He loves swimming, playing at the park and tormenting his sister. :)  He will be starting preschool this year! I can't believe how fast time goes by! I bet your parents are thinking the same thing since you are getting ready to start the 4th GRADE!

This is my daughter, Rylee. She is turning 5 this August. She loves animals and being outside. She is full of life, and is amazingly creative. She already loves reading and that makes me very happy! She and I have been reading lots this summer. I can't wait to hear about the books you've been reading! 

Here we are for some summer selfies! 

Final picture. I promise! Notice anything different?????

NO BRACES! Woot! That means I can have popcorn, caramel and sticky sweets again! :) 

Okay, now for your summer assignments. (Don't worry! They aren't hard!) 

1.      Have your parents send me an email to emalielindsey@nixaschools.net with the following things. (Please send it to me from the email address you want me to use this year) 

          Subject: Child's Name
          Parent Completed Questions: 
               a. What are your child's strengths? 
               b.    Is there anything your child has struggled with in the past? (This can    
                    be socially, emotionally or academically that you think might help   
                    this year) 
               c. What is your child most excited about for 4th Grade? 
               d. Is there anything your child is worried about for 4th Grade? 
               e. Let me know anything else you think is important to make this the   
               best year ever! 

2. Students need to complete the survey found HERE: (use your school  
Google account if you know it) 

3. Bring a family picture to open house or the first day of school labeled
with names for me to keep for the year.

4. Make sure you are working on your math facts! Our 4th grade math    
standards are all based around those facts, so if you have them memorized the math will be a breeze! We will take a pretest the first week of school to show who already knows them! 

Please make sure you complete all of the activities above to help me get to know you! The following are activities you can choose from to earn a special prize at Open House or the first day of school! If you complete all three I will have to do something extra special for you!

      Choose one of the following to show me what you've been reading this summer! Completing this activity will earn you a prize at Open House or the first day of school! 
          a. Create a Google Presentation that gives a strong summary of the book. 
              (Make sure you include Who? What? When? Where? and Why?) Then give a short paragraph that tells me whether you'd recommend this book to others. Why or Why not? Make sure you share it with me so I can see it! 
          b. You As A Reader - This one is easy! Create a short video that tells me about you as a reader. Do you love reading? What are the last three books that you've read? What makes you a good reader? What goals do you have for yourself this year for reading? When your video is ready you can just email it to emalielindsey@nixastudents.net! Easy!!!

          c. Writers are Readers- This activity is for my students who love to write! After reading a book, write a letter to me pretending to be one of the characters from your book. Be sure you include all the parts of a letter (heading, greeting, body, closing and signature) and lots of details from the text! You can email me the letter or bring it in with you to Open House or the first day of school! 

I am very excited about this upcoming year! I hope you are ready to sing, dance, create, make videos and projects, work in teams, teach each other and most of all grow! Have a fantastic rest of your summer and I will see you all very soon! 


Mrs. Lindsey

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