Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Early Friday!

I hope you are as excited about this three day weekend as I am! It's going to be beautiful and I'm planning on taking advantage of the nice weather.  What are your weekend plans?

This week was fast and furious! We are working on lots of new skills. Here's what's coming for the new week...

We will continue working on measurement skills. This week we mainly focused on linear measurement.  This week we used inches, feet, yards, centimeters, millimeters and meters to complete a variety of activities. Next week we will begin looking at capacity, time and volume.

We are all reading folklore and fairy tales. We have been discussing story elements of this genre and comparing and contrasting a variety of books. We will continue working on this for the next few weeks. Make sure your practicing those Good Reader Skills at home when you are doing your 100 minutes!

We are focusing on how to properly use dialogue when are writing. This week we talked about tagging our dialogue with something more interesting than "said". We sure do have a great group of writers in this class. We also wrote our first letters to our pen pals in Louisiana. The students haven't even mailed their letters yet and they are wondering when we will hear back from them. I love when they are excited to write!

Social Studies:
Next week we will be doing some fun projects to wrap up our Native American unit. We will give our poster project presentations, complete a buffalo project, make a pottery artifact and enjoy some vegetable soup. Parents, please check your email for the information about the soup. 

Upcoming Events:
November 20th we will be walking to the High School to watch the play, Grease. This is just a morning trip and we will be back in the building before lunch.

Thanks for another great week of learning!

Working together,
Mrs. Lindsey

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