Famous Missourians

Today you will begin researching famous and influential Missourians. Please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Google Classroom
2. Open the shared Famous Missourian Presentation (Remember we will be sharing so you need to only work on your own pages.
3. Add your own page to work on
4. Make sure your name is on the bottom right side of the slide. There is an example to look at or you can duplicate the slide.
5. Use the links on this page to select three famous Missourians you'd like to know more about.
6. Write their names on the board so we don't have duplicate information.
7. Research your famous Missourian and create one slide for each person. Keep your information G-rated. :)
8. Your slide must include:
   * The Who
   * The What
   * The When
   * The Where
   * The Why
   * The How
9. You may not add pictures/animations until you have all of the information on the page in an organized manner and you must use pictures from the websites, not from Google.

Use the links below to complete your research:

Symbaloo of Influential Missourians
Missouri Biographies for Students
Famous Missourians List

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