The last few weeks we have been working on place value during math. Students are expected to read, write and compare numbers up to the hundred thousands. We've completed several anchor charts together in class and I've taught them  some activities that students can practice at home. 

Roll  & Compare
Roll dice to create a number (anywhere from three to six digits long). Write the number down and read it out loud. Roll the dice again to create another number with the same amount of digits. Write that number beside the first number. Follow the Order and Compare Anchor Chart to find the greatest and least number and complete the sentence with the symbol that fits. (See notebook image below)
You can complete the exact same activity using a deck of cards as well. Just have students remove the 10s and face cards.

We are also working with number forms. Students need to be able to write numbers in:
Standard Form = 2,345
Expanded Form = 2,000+300+40+5
Word Form = two thousand three hundred forty five

From what I've seen in class we need to practice spelling our number words. This is another thing you can have your child practice at home.

Thanks for all your help at home! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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