Civil War Unit

Welcome to our Civil War Unit! For the next couple of weeks you will be using resources found on this page. Make sure you complete the activities to your best ability, using your own words. Some of the activities will need to be completed on paper, others will need to be completed in the Google Drive Document that you can download from our Google Classroom page. Please follow the steps carefully and work together!

Step 1: Download and rename a copy of the Civil War Unit from our Google Classroom page, or grab it here

Step 2: Create a title page for you project. Make sure to include you and your partner's names. You may personalize your title page, but please don't spend more than five minutes on this page. 

Step 3: Research time

Use the following websites to get familiar with the Civil War

KidsKonnect Article
10 Facts About the Civil War
Watch the vocabulary slides and take notes here

Step 4: North Vs. South

Research difference and similarities for the North and South. Find a way to share these in your Google Slides Project. List advantages of both the North and the South.
Click Here for Research Link 

Step 5: States Start to Secede

What does Secede mean? Definition
Why did some of the states choose to secede?
Which states seceded?

Research Links:
States Secede
Britannica for Kids

Step 6: Emancipation Proclamation

Research the Emancipation Proclamation using the following sites. Take notes over the following questions:
1. What is it?
2. Who wrote it?
3. What was it's purpose?

Emancipation Proclamation Links:
Emancipation Proclamation 

Step 7: Gettysburg Address

Research the Gettysburg Address. Take notes so that you'll be able to give a summary in your own words. What was the Gettysburg Address and why was it important?

Gettysburg Address
Gettysburg Address Vocabulary 
Scholastic Article

Step 8: Battles Bar Graph

Use the following link to create your own table in your Google Slides Project that shows who won the Battles in the Civil War.

Link: Battle Bar Graph

Step 9: Leaders of the Civil War

Research each of the men listed below. Take notes on their leadership roles in the Civil War. Be prepared to write a summary of each one in your own words and list specific accomplishments or facts for each one.

Abraham Lincoln
Civil War Leaders 
Mr. Nussbaum 

Jefferson Davis (you may also use the Civil War Leaders link listed under Abraham Lincoln)
Mr. Nussbaum - Biography

Ulysses S. Grant (you may also use the Civil War Leaders link listed under Abraham Lincoln)
Mr. Nussbaum - Biography

Robert E Lee (you may also use the Civil War Leaders link listed under Abraham Lincoln)
Mr. Nussbaum- Biography

Step 10: Timeline

Begin Creating your timeline on your Google Slides Project by using this website. Remember to use your own words with the main event for each date.
Timeline Research

Step 11: Uniforms

Use the links to research information about the uniforms each side wore. Take notes to include in your Google Slides project. Look for interesting facts.

Uniforms from the Civil War
More about the Uniforms

Step 12: Write a Diary Entry- 

Each partner will need to write their own diary entry.

Imagine that you are soldier that fought in the Civil War. Write a letter in your diary describing some of the things you had to endure. Make sure you include important dates, events, battles etc. Use facts from your research, but make it from a first person point of view. Include your own opinions and feelings. Make it feel like you were really there to experience it first hand. This will need to be added to your Google Slides project.

Congratulations! You have finished your Civil War Unit project! Now you may go back to add finishing details before turning it back in through Google Classroom!

(This page is compilation of lots of websites I found. I take no personal ownership of any of the material used in this unit)

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