Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stop and Read This....

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 Good Morning! 

Please do a good job for the substitute today. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to see how your day went. You have a lot to get done today! Work hard, stay focused, and follow directions!

8:40-10:00 Math - 1/2 Study Island (evens) 1/2 Calendar Math (odds) switch as soon as you are finished to make sure everyone gets finished. Do your best! I'll be looking at the data.


10:50-11:25 Wacky Wednesday - Do it right the FIRST time! Check your work twice!!! Wise Choices afterwards: spelling practice, parts of speech, Mind Reader Riddle, Study Island

12:30-1:30 1/2 Study Island (odds) 1/2 SSR (evens) Switch as soon as you are finished to allow everyone time to complete the assessment. 

1:30 Brain Break - Only Jordan should touch the board once you get pulled up. She may select two breaks. 

1:30-2:30 Writing
There are links for research on our Google Classroom. Use the links you need. Record information IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Be sure to write down where you found information. This is called "citing" the text.  

Example: In the book Changing Ecosystems I found that an ecosystem is  a community of plants, animals and smaller organisms that live, feed, and interact in the same area or environment. This means (blah, blah, blah) 

Each group will have 15-20 minutes to research on the computer. Use your time wisely. If you are not on the computer, you need to use books from the black basket up by the front white board. (I forgot to move them to the back carpet) Oops! 

2:45-3:20 Watch the Government Video - create a new NKQ chart. Before you watch the video jot down a few things you already know about our Federal, State and Local Government. As you watch the video write down new information as well as questions. 

I hope I get a wonderful report when I return on Friday!!! Don't forget your $.75 cents to wear something special or bring a board game! See you Friday!

Mrs. Lindsey

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