Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome Back

January 5, 2015

Welcome back! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas break! I did! I can't wait to share about it. That means you need to be thinking about your high and low!

We have lots going on today. We will be exploring the new classroom website. As we use it, we will talk about what works and what needs changed. When you run into trouble or if there's something that doesn't work or you don't like,  write it down for us to talk about later.

We will also review PBIS today. We want to make sure we start this semester off on the right track. We have lots left to learn and lots of growing left to do.

New reading groups start today as well. I am excited to get you into new books and hear those deep conversations!

I am excited to see you!

Let's get started!

Make every moment count,
Mrs. Lindsey

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