Friday, November 21, 2014

Fabulous Friday

Good Morning,

I missed you yesterday! I hope you were awesome for Ms. Steele! I was able to go watch an amazing 5th grade eMINTS class in Branson, and I learned so many new things! Last night Rylee got to ride on the Polar Express. Have any of you ever been? She was so excited! It was super cute. I didn't get to ride, but her Papa took her and they had a blast!

Today we will be busy little bees. I want us to finish our WebQuest activities, complete a Math Check Up, work on double digit multiplication, take a reading assessment, and..oh yes...HAVE A PIZZA PARTY!

We will party during our writing time. Students who are finished with their Fossil writing will be having a "printing party" today. That just means you'll print your paper to turn in for a grade. :) Students who are not finished will have to work hard to get them published. How many of you worked on them from home? If so, how brilliant are you! That's the best thing about using Google Drive to complete your work.

Let's get started! It's going to be a busy day!

Make every moment count,
Mrs. Lindsey

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